New Orleans Virtual Concierge
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New Orleans Virtual Concierge
About Us
New Orleans Virtual Concierge
About Us
New Orleans Virtual Concierge
About Us
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How It Works

Our professional, experienced Personal Concierges take pride in building unique itineraries specific to your interests. From intimate tours of the historic French Quarter and Garden District to the most incredible swamp boat experiences, you’re sure to have an experience with us like no other in the world. There is so much to do in New Orleans, and we can’t wait to share it all with you! With more than 25 years as leaders in the local hospitality industry, don’t wait any longer to let our local team of professional Concierges show you the true “Spirit of New Orleans.”


Tell Us About Your Ideal Trip

  • Contact us through chat, phone, or email at your convenience.
  • We’ll listen to your needs and ask questions to understand your interests.
  • It’s best to reach out as soon as you book your travel date for the best itinerary. New Orleans is a popular tourist destination!


Meet Your Virtual Concierge

  • The concierge will customize your visit based on your preferences.
  • We offer specific examples of activities that match your needs.
  • We gather additional details from you to make necessary arrangements.


Receive Your Itinerary

  • Experience the best of New Orleans with your personalized itinerary!
  • Take tours, visit museums, and explore jazz clubs.
  • Dine at the finest restaurants.
  • Bienvenue à la Nouvelle Orléans!


Visitors to New Orleans Virtual Concierge can opt-in for SMS texting at (504) 977-2074 with the Virtual Concierge to get activity recommendations. They can also request to speak with a live agent via our webchat, or over the phone by calling (504) 503-0183. For certain tour activities, visitors can book directly online.

New Orleans Virtual Concierge offers personalized recommendations for activities in New Orleans based on each visitor’s interests, preferences, and needs. Visitors can utilize our service through a variety of channels, including live Web Chat, SMS texting, and phone. We also offer an online booking feature for certain tour activities, making it easier for visitors to plan their itinerary.

Anything! New Orleans Virtual Concierge can offer recommendations for a wide range of activities. Popular categories include tours, events, shopping, sports, restaurants, and museums in the city. The Virtual Concierge takes into account each visitor’s interests and preferences to create the perfect itinerary.

New Orleans Virtual Concierge does not charge a fee for its services. Visitors can access the live Web Chat tool, SMS texting, and phone support for free.

Top New Orleans Attractions

There’s so much to see and do in New Orleans, it can be hard to plan everything into one trip (and still leave yourself time to relax and enjoy a Sazerac). That’s why we’ve connected with the top attractions in the city to bring you activities that include our own tours, as well as highlights from our partners.

Contact Us Today


Connect with your personal Virtual Concierge via Webchat! Get activity recommendations, book a tour, and ask any questions you need answers to.

To utilize Webchat, click the New Orleans Virtual Concierge logo in the bottom right corner of your screen!



Connect with your personal Virtual Concierge via SMS! Get activity recommendations, book a tour, and ask any questions you need answers to.

Click the button below and text us your name along with any other details you would like to provide to connect with a concierge.

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